Bathroom Beautiful!

We’ve lived in our house for two and a half years (I remember because my son was born just after we moved in) and since then we have always wanted to update our bathroom on the second floor. I knew it could look so great but as it was functioning as is, we simply stripped the wallpaper, removed the glass shower doors and called it a day. Until recently! Let’s review just how bad it was before, shall we?

What can we say about this wallpaper? Words fail.

Oh my…the floor.

Yes, those are etched geese on the shower doors!

I’m embarrassed to think about how long we lived with this hideous vanity!

Here we are mid-way. How sweet was the previous tile floor? Had it been in good shape we definitely would have kept it!

TADAAAAAA! We bought the sink and vanity from IKEA and the toilet is a water-saving Toto toilet with two flushing options. We’re going to remove those two black tiles above the vanity .

My favorite part about the toilet might just be the slow, no-slam toilet seat.

The last thing we have to figure out is the wall color. We haven’t decided but we’ve narrowed it down to these three. We’re going for a cool, spa feel. I LOVE my new bathroom!

Alison at Refurnished Living


Alison Grieveson