The T-Shirt Reborn

You know you have a drawer full of t-shirts. Some that are old and sentimental that you just can’t part with. What to do with all these colorful pieces of fabric? A few suggestions:

1-Take your favorite t-shirt and turn it into a work of art using embroidery hoops you can find at your local sewing shop, or in granny’s embroidery basket.

2- Scissors and a sewing machine are all you need to transform your old tshirts into colorful grocery bags. Tip: make sure not to cut your holes too big – especially the handle.

3- Your Mom Designs creates wonderful kid-centric accessories made from crocheted recycled t-shirt material. I love these stacking/nesting bowls; my son would have a ball with them too! The largest bowl is 6” in diameter.  $30

4- Kim and her mother at the Etsy shop OHZIE create a number of personal and home accessories made from recycled tshirts. One of my favorites is this multi-colored rug. 36”   $240

5- This t-shirt mini sphere pillow is sure to add a dash of sass to your sofa!  $60

Alison at Refurnished Living

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