On My Mind: Plastic and Pasta

Plastic. Man’s best invention or worst? I say both. It’s invention revolutionized many industries from medical to food service (and everything in between) and yet it has also trained us into believing in the disposability of almost all goods- which, of course, leads to waste! Practically everything you buy is either made from plastic or is wrapped in plastic, or both! Think about it for a minute. Most food items including fruit – hec I’d say 90% of what you’d find  at the grocery store- has plastic! The question is, where does that plastic go when you’re through with it? Sure, you may bring your plastic grocery bags back to the store to recycle (That was a trick! You bring your own bags, right?) and perhaps you recycle your take-out containers but for the most part you throw your plastic away.

I once read a quote which went something like, “Every piece of plastic EVER made still exists today.” If you think about the fact that plastic was invented in the early 1900s, that’s a mind-boggling amount of plastic. So, where does it go? Much of it finds its way to the ocean. I’m sure you know about the great plastic patch out in the Pacific. Recently, I stumbled upon this clever poster created by the Catalan Water Agency depicting the “most dangerous species in the Mediterranean.”

Or for a mesmerizing look at the direct effect of all this plastic on birds, watch this short, but fascinating video.

So, all this admittedly depressing information is a round-about way to state that I am going to be more diligent about my plastic consumption. One of the things I’d like to do is to make my own pasta. Because of my son’s allergy to wheat, we eat deliciousTinkyada brand brown rice pasta. Sadly, the pasta comes in cellophane bags, hence my desire to start making pasta … besides, who doesn’t love fresh pasta?

I am on the hunt on Ebay for a (used) Kitchenaid pasta attachment like this one, that should make the job easier, no?

Does this information make you think about how much plastic you “consume?”

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Alison Grieveson