Creative Distractions: Etsy Blog

I subscribe to Etsy’s blog and I thought I was clever when I set it up so that all those emails would go into a separate folder in the email inbox. That was until I looked over the other day and found that that inbox was chock-a-block full with over 500 email/new blog posts! I said to myself that I would just delete them all and not deal with the overwhelming task of reading them. Then I clicked on one of the posts to delete it and I was sucked in by the visual. Damn you Etsy for knowing how to put the right, eye-cathing image at the top of your blog!

Here are some cool things that distracted me:

How to make a Denim Arrow Cushion out of your old jeans. This inspires me.

Meyer Lemon Macaroons recipe. Look at those enormous flakes of coconut. You had me at “Hello.”

The clever embroidery art of Richard Saja. I’m in love with all of these pieces!

OK. I’m back in the room.

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Alison Grieveson