I Scream, You Scream…

WS logoIs there really a better dessert in the thick of summer than one that’s frozen? Probably not. Homemade sorbets, granitas and tried-and-true full fat, lusciously creamy ice cream can prove the perfect complement to a mid-summer dinner, while allowing you to add only the ingredients you choose.DP0131201317083458M

But the problem with making your own ice cream often lies in how to store it. If I’m making sorbet or soy ice cream, for example, I generally just leave it in the ice cream maker tub until we’ve polished it off – which, let’s be honest here,  generally doesn’t take that long.

But for those with a little more willpower, or who prefer to make some frozen desserts in advance or in multiple batches, these “Ice Cream Tubbies” by Zak Designs provide perfect storage.

It’s also really great for keeping store-bought ice cream cold during the warm trip home. Just pop your pint of Chunky Monkey inside and the manufacturers say the insulated foam core and gel lid will keep it cold for an hour and a half.

$13. JCPenney, 7 Backus Avenue, Danbury, (203) 748-7790. www.jcp.com


Melinda McGarty Webb