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Waste Not, Want Not

Did you know that if you started composting today, by summer time your family could easily divert 200 pounds of waste from the landfill? The best part? In return, your composted food scraps turn into

Dressing Up a Dresser!

A friend of mine just moved back from a semester at college and needed a dresser. She visited our local reclaimed furniture store,Urban Miners (a seriously cool place to visit!) and found this sad


It’s almost time for my little man to move into a big boy bed (sniff) so I am on the hunt for a trundle bed for my daughter as her bed will go to him. (I smell a double room make-over on the horizon!

Feelin’ Crafty…

…La da da da da, feelin’ crafty. I recently bought these items on super sale at my local craft store and I’m feeling inspired to make something. Stay tuned. On my continuing saga of finding a source

Let’s Review, Shall We?

This week I thought I’d follow up on a few recent posts. Remember my escapades into the world of granola with this post and this in my efforts to make a good granola bar? Well folks, I finally did it

Refurnished Chic

Introducing designer Jessica Allyn, a woman inspired by the beauty and form of vintage furniture. With her obvious love of color Jessica brings old furniture back to life with vivid colors and peppy

Green Toes

It is finally warming up here in New England and that means it’s time for my annual online pilgrimage to find amazing colors and shoes to showcase my little piggies! A few weekends ago a girlfriend

Sowing the Seeds of Love

Corny title, I know. But apt. We finally got around to planting some seeds this weekend. The kids have already done it with their classes at school so they are old pros. My little man fancies himself

The Kitchen Backsplash…It’s About Time!

You know when you just have to change something and then when it’s not going to be changed exactly the way you wanted, you wait thinking you’re going to get to it and then a few years go by and you

Granola Goodness, Part Deux

Baked goods are my kryptonite. So I have always enjoyed baking scones, cookies, breads, etc. Life in the past few years though has been busy,  and it seems as if my baking skillz have passed along