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Alison Grieveson

Green Toes

It is finally warming up here in New England and that means it’s time for my annual online pilgrimage to find amazing colors and shoes to showcase my little piggies! A few weekends ago a girlfriend was in town so my friend and I took her out (she really needed girl time) and I treated them to […] [Read More]

Sowing the Seeds of Love

Corny title, I know. But apt. We finally got around to planting some seeds this weekend. The kids have already done it with their classes at school so they are old pros. My little man fancies himself a trowel expert so he helped to put dirt (he insisted on using real dirt instead of my […] [Read More]

The Kitchen Backsplash…It’s About Time!

You know when you just have to change something and then when it’s not going to be changed exactly the way you wanted, you wait thinking you’re going to get to it and then a few years go by and you still haven’t made that change? Well, that’s the story of my kitchen backsplash. I went […] [Read More]

Granola Goodness, Part Deux

Baked goods are my kryptonite. So I have always enjoyed baking scones, cookies, breads, etc. Life in the past few years though has been busy,  and it seems as if my baking skillz have passed along with the years. I say this all as an excuse as to why the two batches of granola bars […] [Read More]

Check, Check…

Perhaps having a blog is making me feel more accountable (even if it is only my family reading it  ), but I am so proud of myself for starting to check things off my New Year’s goals list. See item number 2 is learn to play the ukulele? Guess who started lessons last week and already […] [Read More]

Granola Goodness

I’m a snacker. It’s true. And I have a sweet tooth. Double-whammy! So many times I go for a granola bar because the brand we buy is fairly healthy and it satisfies my sweet tooth. The problem is, of course, waste. Each granola bar is individually wrapped so with each bar I’m creating waste, which […] [Read More]

Little Green Thumb

One of the many things I love about my job (no, my boss doesn’t read my blog) is that I get to decorate the foyers of the two locations of our early learning centers. It is usually changed with the seasons or any special events we have going on. Here are a few examples of the […] [Read More]

Chalk It Up to Chalk!

I am one of those people obsessed with chalkboard paint! Got a bare surface? Perhaps you should try chalkboard paint! At least that’s my motto these days. But chalkboard paint ain’t just for painting walls no mo’! Check out these other clever ideas for the liquid gold. Go to my Chalkboard Pinterest Board to see other […] [Read More]