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Melinda McGarty Webb

A kitchen necessity

Many of us are busy preparing for – or are already in the throes of – holiday cooking. That means making sure our kitchens are well-stocked with the necessary utensils and linens, including dish towels. These towels by Plover Organic are not only simple and beautiful, but they’re made of organic flour sack material – […] [Read More]

Money well spent

Not only are these fair trade laundry baskets from Northern Ghana beautiful and exceedingly useful, but a portion of each sale helps provide drinking water to rural African villages. Two large handles make the hand-woven basket easy to pick up and carry into the laundry room, and a latching lid keeps your unmentionables out of […] [Read More]

Be prepared…

Particularly at this time of year, many of us like to have a stock of inexpensive, relatively generic gifts on-hand to bring to dinners and parties. (Plus, it can’t hurt to have a few tucked in the trunk of your car, so you can reciprocate when that person you barely know surprises you with a […] [Read More]

Create your own compost

Looking for something to do with your garden clippings and kitchen waste? Would a load of rich compost give your garden the boost it needs next spring and summer? If so, the Sun Joe Tumbleweed 58-gallon compost tumbler from Bed Bath & Beyond may be something to consider. At 46 inches by 33 1/2 inches […] [Read More]

Low-sudsing and fragrance-free…

This fragrance-free, plant-based laundry detergent I found at Nature’s Temptations in Ridgefield is a great choice for those looking to move away from heavily-scented, chemical-laden detergents. In fact, the ingredient list is as follows: Purified Water, Plant-Based Surfactants, Natural Soap Bark, Chamomile and Natural Plant-Based Extracts. That’s it! It contains a soy-based fabric softener they […] [Read More]

Recycled solid surfaces

Looking for a durable, natural solid surface option? PaperStone countertops and panels, (which can be used to create tables, cutting boards, outdoor kitchens, furniture, window sills, thresholds, and more,) are made from 100 percent post-consumer recycled paper saturated with phenolic resins containing ingredients like cashew nut shell liquid. The result is a solid surface that […] [Read More]


Headed out of town for the holiday? Tired of that ratty old bag you’ve been toting around for years? This “Freewheeler” from Patagonia might be a very functional, (and environmentally conscious,) option. Patagonia says they recycle used soda bottles, unusable second quality fabrics and worn out garments into polyester fibers, which they then use to […] [Read More]

A positive spin on yesterday’s news

This eco-friendly basket is quite literally old news – but in a good way. That’s because it’s crafted from recycled newspapers, woven together over a metal frame and completed with wooden handles. The result is legions above boring old black and white newsprint, though. There are yellows, blues, greens, pinks and reds; and the twisted […] [Read More]

Looks like stone, but it’s recycled!

Whether you’re looking for a coffee table for your family room or enclosed sun porch, or a poolside accent in anticipation of spring, these Maya Lin Stone Coffee Tables may fit the bill. The elliptical tables, with their slightly convex tops, are made of recycled polyethylene.  Available in an impressive palette of blue, chartreuse, khaki, […] [Read More]

Done with this mat? Just bury it in the garden!

When you’re done with this lovely entrance mat by MacKenzie-Childs, no need to worry about how to recycle it. Just throw it in the compost bin, or bury it in the garden. After all, it’s biodegradable, according to the manufacturer. Made in India of coir fiber, (which is extracted from the husk of coconuts,) and […] [Read More]