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Prying Rocks Proves Difficult

By Amy Dolego It seemed so simple when we started.  All my husband and I wanted to do was to remove the small rocks that were sticking up out of the back yard lawn.  They looked like the tips of

Paint Transforms Exterior

 By Amy Dolego

A Mystery Addition for the Garden

By Amy Dolego   Yesterday, after a busy day photographing the interiors of several gorgeous houses on location, I came home and found a mysterious surprise waiting for me.  Someone had left a

A Laundry Room is Born

By Amy Dolego In every very old house, I imagine there is at least one room that is kind of creepy.  We had one such room.  It was a dank, dark storage space that smelled foul.  Spots of black mold

The Joy of Closets

By Amy Dolego We have a clothes management problem in our very old house.  It’s short on closet space. Getting dressed in the morning is no easy feat.  Disorganization has become a way of life and

New Tractor Saves Time in the Garden

By Amy Dolego Many women enjoy buying new shoes and purses and love going to the spa.  I’m one of those women.  But now that I have a very, old house, my priorities have changed just a tad.  Instead

Removing Wall Proves Right

By Amy Dolego Before we moved into our very, old house, it had a distinct, unappealing scent.  Crossing the threshold from the fresh outdoors, one was assaulted by the scent of mildew and stale air. 

New Appliances Add Sparkle

  By Amy Dolego It was my real estate agent, Fran Burger, who gave me the brilliant idea to hunt down replacements for my rusty refrigerator and stove at a non-profit store in Norwalk called “Green

Fireplace redeems an ugly kitchen

By Amy Dolego The prevailing wisdom is that pristine kitchens and bathrooms attract buyers of houses.  Somehow, I must have missed that class on real estate 101, because these particular spaces in our

Heart of the Home

Inglenooks enjoy a modern renaissance By John R. Mastera What’s an inglenook, you ask? For many folks, Inglenook is a California wine that sounds Scandinavian. To me, it sounds like a retreat from the