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The grass grows greener over the tennis court

By Amy Dolego After the tennis court was demolished, we were left with a giant dirt patch.  As luck would have it, the tennis court wasn’t the typical 50 x 100 size.  It turned out to be a whopping 7,500-square-foot area or about one-third larger than we anticipated.  This meant more topsoil, more seed, more […] [Read More]

Fruit, anyone?

These realistic Red Pear Pillar Candles are almost too pretty to light. In a row of three or five as a centerpiece, or singularly tucked amidst a mantle or tabletop display, they are distinctive yet inexpensive – a rare combination. $8. Simon Pearce Retail Store, 125 E. Putnam Avenue, Greenwich. (203) 861-0780. [Read More]

Treasures, Treasures Everywhere

I have only been back from Maine for a few days and I’m already missing it. The family dinners, ping-pong matches and Pictionary tournaments (girls vs. boys = girls rule), and the water … ahh the water. It was divine — especially our last day. One of the things I note every year is how […] [Read More]

Lawn ornament or cooking device?

Hmmm…is it a lawn ornament, or a cooking device? This Traeger “Lil’ Pig” grill will not only smoke and cook like one of its more mundane-looking counterparts, but it’s sure to elicit squeals of delight from your guests. (Forgive me – I just couldn’t resist.) Granted, there may be some who will find it marginally […] [Read More]

Barn Demolition Reveals Vintage Items

By Amy Dolego Now that the barn is officially demolished, we have a much more pleasant view. With only the old stone foundation left standing, it has that charming and mystical appeal of an ancient ruin. There is still some clean-up to do. Dennis and I filled the ruts made from the heavy truck tires […] [Read More]

Add a little passion…flower to your home

Add a little life to your home with these 18-inch square accent pillows from rockflowerpaper, which I found at Porch & Patio in Brookfield. With patterns such as “Passion Flower,” (pictured to the right and at the front of the line below,) “Koi,” which is directly behind it, and “Gerber Red,” (fourth from the front,) […] [Read More]

Vacation Bliss

I’m on vacation … on holiday … whatever you want to call it, I’m away and I’m loving it. I go away every year with my family to Maine. We rent a cabin on a lake where it’s quiet (except for Sundays when the jet skiers blast across the lake all day … but I […] [Read More]
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Benidorm Blue might be for you

Outdoor entertaining can be a breeze with this Le Cadeux dinnerware from Seasons Too in Darien. While they look like ceramic or porcelain, these charming dishes are actually melamine – which makes them perfect for casual meals on the patio, poolside, or picnics. They’re virtually unbreakable and dishwasher safe. This pattern is called Benidorm Blue. […] [Read More]