Change that case – don’t feel guilty

My older daughter probably has more covers for her iPhone than I have teeth in my head, and that has always bothered me. It seems like such a waste from an environmental standpoint. (I, on the other

Head out for a picnic

This durable basket is perfect for a picnic for two – under the stars, at an outdoor concert, or even a day at the beach. What I like about is that it comes with just about everything you would need,

DIY is as Easy as 1-2-3

Who doesn’t like that sense of accomplishment one gets from doing, making or creating something?  Some companies have cleverly created fun DIY kits that would also make great gifts!   1- Remember

I Scream, You Scream…

Is there really a better dessert in the thick of summer than one that’s frozen? Probably not. Homemade sorbets, granitas and tried-and-true full fat, lusciously creamy ice cream can prove the perfect

Creative Distractions: Etsy Blog

I subscribe to Etsy’s blog and I thought I was clever when I set it up so that all those emails would go into a separate folder in the email inbox. That was until I looked over the other day and found

On My Mind: Plastic and Pasta

Plastic. Man’s best invention or worst? I say both. It’s invention revolutionized many industries from medical to food service (and everything in between) and yet it has also trained us into believing

Woodsy or beachy?

Woodsy or beachy – this gorgeous Driftwood Chandelier from Terrain in Westport could play it either way to suit your decor. Twined branches of sandblasted grapewood house nine candelabra bulbs, (each

My Headboard, Part 1

One of my new year’s resolutions – or rather my grand “To-Do” list for 2013 is to make a headboard for my bed. The material I’ll be using is recycled billboard vinyl donated by my lovely friend and