Feeling the Itch to Stitch

So last week I had to do a little sewing for an event at my kids’ daycare. I made some bunting to decorate an outdoor playhouse. That simple project got my juices flowing for sewing. I love making

Reach for the sky

Eliminate the need for trapeze artist-like escapades every time you need to grab a book off that top shelf! No more standing on rolling desk  chairs or climbing on book cases. With these

Fighting the Cold with a New Heating System

By Amy Dolego Our very old house had little to no heat on the second floor.  Since it was a summer house from 1929 onward, I suspect the furnace was installed sometime in the 1950’s simply to take off

Color, color everywhere!

“Days,” this abstract painting by Claire Melbourne is happiness embodied. Don’t you think? One of half a dozen or so paintings by this artist featured at Olley Court in Ridgefield, its multitude of

My Favorite Meal….Today

You know those days when you get home and don’t feel like cooking but you want something tasty and wholesome? Here’s my go-to meal – it’s my new favorite meal….OK perhaps “favorite” and “meal”

Bedrooms Become Electrified

By Amy Dolego The attic was ready for the electrician to begin.  On Monday, I hired my handyman, Troy, and worked with him well into the evening to remove the thick fiberboard that covered the wood

Fire it up!

This fiery six-light Amber Art Glass Crystal Lamp is sure to make a statement to all those who see it. The pendant is 22 inches in length, with a 22-inch spread, and like all Weiss and Bilheller

Fido Cares About the Planet Too!

Does your love for the planet extend to your pet? It should. From food to toys to shelter, there are beaucoup options for your favorite furry friend. I love how the Wingdream organic cat bed resembles