Big on personality

Although small in stature, this gorgeous little side table has a huge personality. Handmade of bone and horn by Bojay Inc., the table’s intricate inlays give it a decidedly global flavor. Bojay

Budding Artists

How to put your child’s creativity on display By Jennifer Parris/Photos by Krista Hicks Benson Imagine your child brings home a painting that rivals Van Gogh’s Sunflowers. The problem is, you have

Attic is Readied for Electrician

By Amy Dolego Two upstairs bedrooms in our house have no receptacles at all.  They only have a couple of sconces on the wall, but without plugs, it makes it hard to use these rooms.  Consequently,

Weaving her own story

Basket artist Kari Lonning uses nature as her inspiration By Abby Luby/Photos by Amy Dolego Finding a bird’s nest in her rose trellis excites basket artist Kari Lonning. Seeing the nest’s natural

Recycle That! Denim Jeans

With roughly 450 million pairs of jeans sold in the US each year, (yes, you read that right, this is just in the US) there are thousands of pounds of denim that most likely end up in the landfill.

Seven Oaks show house

More than furniture and paint, designers bring artistic vision By Rebecca Haynes Most designers are artists, really. They have a vision for the space they’re working on — from colors to furniture and

Attic is Cleared for Contractors

By Amy Dolego Yesterday, it was moving day all over again.  Although we really didn’t move anywhere, we removed everything from our attic and put the items into a pod parked in our backyard.  We’re

Rustic simplicity

If you’re looking for a coffee table with substance and girth, then look no further. This reclaimed elm and iron table is wonderfully rugged, yet the wood is so complex and beautiful in its own right.