Apartment size, manor style

With its smooth back, crisp, tailored lines and 78-inch width, this Lee Industries Apartment Sofa packs a lot of personality into a smaller package. I fell desperately in love with the “Artistry

Saved from the Dumpster: Furniture Finds

I tell the story that when I came to look at this house to potentially buy it, it was winter and I came after work so it was dark. I tell that story to people who come to visit because what I didn’t

Not just for birds anymore…

I found this adorable white wooden decorative bird cage at Home Interior Consignments in Brookfield. Wouldn’t it be perfect on a shelf in a sun room, on a sideboard, or even above kitchen cabinets, if

How Green is Our New Garden

By Amy Dolego Our dear friends, Susan and Steve, affectionately call us, “The Pioneers” and I’m beginning to think it’s an apt description.  My husband and I have learned how to fell trees, move

Posies, petunias and pansies – oh my!

Fill this purse with posies, petunias or pansies – or a flower that doesn’t begin with “p,” if you prefer. This planter is constructed of a netting frame covered with sheets of moss, and lined with

Art of the Second Chance

Why do I love Etsy? Let me count the ways. By now you probably know all about the goodness that is Etsy -— the marketplace that brings artisans from around the globe together in one place. The

Tutti Frutti

Magazine reading has never been so stylish a pursuit. These Tutti Frutti magazine holders by Glas are constructed of chamfered 10mm-thick glass, and available in the clear glass at the forefront of

The grass grows greener over the tennis court

By Amy Dolego After the tennis court was demolished, we were left with a giant dirt patch.  As luck would have it, the tennis court wasn’t the typical 50 x 100 size.  It turned out to be a whopping