What’s in your corn flakes?

By Valerie Foster Mention GMO and watch the reaction. There might be some eye-rolling. Or maybe a quizzical look that means the person has no idea what you’re talking about. Then there are those
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A hot idea

These whimsical cheese platters will take your “cocktail” party to a new level. Sherman artist Lisa Caron Hickey of Caron Designs recycles vodka bottles by placing them in a kiln and slowly raising
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Granola Goodness

I’m a snacker. It’s true. And I have a sweet tooth. Double-whammy! So many times I go for a granola bar because the brand we buy is fairly healthy and it satisfies my sweet tooth. The problem is, of
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Repurposed clothing underfoot?

Personally, I would never have guessed this rug was made of repurposed traditional saris, but you may be a tad more insightful than I. Regardless, though, it’s an amazing idea. Made of cotton and
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Little Green Thumb

One of the many things I love about my job (no, my boss doesn’t read my blog) is that I get to decorate the foyers of the two locations of our early learning centers. It is usually changed with the
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Next stop: farmer’s market

Before you know it, the grass will be green, the days will be long, and the farmer’s markets will again be packed. And you will be searching for bags to bring. These recycled market bags, handmade by
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Spray yourself calm

Could you use a little calm in your life? How about some…sigh…relaxation? This Lavender Harvest Calming Aromatherapy Mist I found at Nature’s Temptations in Ridgefield might help. All you do is
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Chalk It Up to Chalk!

I am one of those people obsessed with chalkboard paint! Got a bare surface? Perhaps you should try chalkboard paint! At least that’s my motto these days. But chalkboard paint ain’t just for painting
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