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Curry Powder for Your Health

If you’re interested in warding off chronic disease – and really, who isn’t? — you might want to learn how to cook Indian food. According to new research, adding Indian curry spices like turmeric and

Exercise and Alzheimer’s Disease

Add another line to the long list of the benefits of exercise: it could help protect your brain. According to a recent study, regular exercise could help prevent brain damage associated

Can Dogs Detect Lung Cancer?

New research suggests Fido may have many more talents besides fetching and sitting. According to a recent study, super trained pups may be able to sniff out lung cancer in a human’s breath, making

The Stress of Commuting

Stressed out by your commute? If so, you’re not alone – especially if you’re female. According to new research, women are more stressed than men by commuting to and from work, even though men spend

Some Exercise Better Than None

If you think you’re not exercising enough to improve your health, think again. According to new research, even small amounts of physical activity will help reduce heart disease risk, and the benefit

Fat and Healthy?

Here’s some refreshing news for those of us carrying around some extra pounds: being fat can actually be good for you. According to a recent study, obese people who are otherwise healthy live just as

Resistance Training and Smoking

Here’s another benefit to lifting weights besides building muscle — it may also help smokers kick the habit. Researchers from The Miriam Hospital’s Centers for Behavioral and Preventive Medicine in

Postmenopausal Women and Protein

Dieting postmenopausal women who want to avoid losing muscle as they lose fat might want to add some more protein to their plate. According to a recent study, adding protein throughout the day not

Pets and Your Health

Dogs and cats apparently have much more to offer than just companionship. According to a recent study, pet owners appear to fare better than other people with regard to physical fitness, self-esteem,

Vitamins and Melanoma

Taking certain vitamins may actually help some women ward off skin cancer. According to a recent study, a combination of calcium and vitamin D may cut the chance of melanoma in half for some women at