Materialism and Your Relationship

If you’re a material girl married to a material man, the two of you may want to rethink your priorities. One recent study found that couples who put having money and material goods high on their list of priorities are generally less happy than couples who care less about being rich and wearing Gucci.

Researchers from Brigham Young University gathered data on 1,734 couples across the USA, who had filled out “relationship evaluations.” One of the questions on the survey asked “how important having money and lots of things” was to each couple. Couples who thought money and possessions were less important scored approximately 10 to 15 percent higher on marriage stability and other relationship measures, compared with those who thought money and stuff was more (and most) important.

The researchers found that those more materialistic couples communicated less effectively and were less responsive to each other and had more conflicts in their relationships than their nonmaterialistic counterparts.