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Beth Cooney offers tips to keep you healthy

Pass the Pepper! It’s Good For You

Pass the pepper please! A new study has some spicy good news. One of black pepper’s micro-nutrient ingredients may play a role in halting the formation of fat cells. The research, recently published in the American Chemical Society’s Journal of Agricultural and Food Chemistry, reveals that piperine, the pungent substance that gives black pepper its […] [Read More]
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What Lies Beneath: The Hazards of PVCs in Flooring

If you’re planning on installing new flooring this fall, you may want to pay close attention to the materials you choose, especially if young ones are crawling on the premises. Swedish researchers have established a correlation between flooring materials containing PVCs and the absorption of potentially dangerous aromatic chemicals known as phthalates in children’s bodies. […] [Read More]

Fit For Life: How Aerobic Excercise Can Help Breast Cancer Patients

It seems like the evidence for exercise doing good things for a woman’s body just keeps getting stronger. And now there’s a lifesaving clinical reason to fit some cardio into your week. Duke University researchers have made an intriguing correlation between fitness levels and a woman’s chances of surviving breast cancer. Among patients with advanced […] [Read More]

Kernels of Healthy Wisdom

Turns out popcorn’s reputation as a healthy snack food is based on more than a kernel of truth. Researchers have discovered that the air-popped version is loaded with good-for-you antioxidants known as polyphenols. Researchers who presented their findings to the American Chemical Society’s annual meeting this spring contend that the popular snack food pops up […] [Read More]

Fast Friends: Why Kinetic Friends Are Good For Our Kids

In what amounts to a positive form of fitness peer pressure, researchers have found that kids are moved — quite literally — by what’s going on around them. A small study suggests that your kids will sit around if their friends do and, conversely, the more their friends are active, the more likely they are […] [Read More]

Like Fido, Like Self

In an intriguing new study that suggests there’s really something to the popular notion that dogs reflect the personalities of their owners, researchers have found that surly people tend to favor aggressive pooches as pets. While researchers stressed that their findings were not associated with delinquency or violence, they found that younger, less-agreeable types tended […] [Read More]

(The Pleasant) Scent of a Senior

For every child who’s ever embarrassed their parents by complaining that Grandma Betty or Uncle Joe, well, stink, comes the peer-reviewed explanation for their bad manners: Seniors really do have a certain odor. But it turns out that odor isn’t as bad as some whiny kids may claim. Researchers with the Philadelphia-based Monell Chemical Senses […] [Read More]

Cad Knows Best? The Secret Behind the Weakness for Bad Boys

Got a weakness for bad boys? According to new research from the University of Texas at San Antonio, that could mean you’re in search of someone to father your children. Although it makes no rational or practical romantic sense, researchers have determined that when women are at their most fertile, they are most likely to […] [Read More]