The Corn Syrup Diabetes Connection

Controversial high fructose corn syrup; the sugary sweetener often blamed for skyrocketing obesity rates in American adults and kids just got blot on its already tarnished public image.

A new study suggests that diabetes rates are higher in countries where the use of high fructose corn syrup as food  additive  is more prevalent, according to a study published online Nov. 27 in Global Public Health.

Researchers, looking at data gathered from 199 nations, looked at factors such as weight, BMI (or Body Mass Index) and found these rates were comparable. However, in countries where they found higher rates of high fructose corn syrup consumption the rates of diabetes were higher.

While, that does not prove  any kind of cause-and-effect relationship, researchers say it prompts questions about whether certain kinds of sweeteners or foods and beverages –such as sweetened sodas or treats-have a more detrimental impact on health than others.

Of course, the common sense take away here is to be careful about what you eat; paying particular attention to limited adding sugars. And read ingredient labels.