Grapefruit and Meds Don’t Mix

If you take certain kinds of prescription drugs; better to skip the morning  grapefruit.

Indeed, Canadian researchers are reporting that because of new chemical formulations, more medications now interact badly with tart  and refreshing grapefruit.

According to research reported recently online in the journal of the Canadian Medical Association some 85 prescription medicines are now known to interact badly with grapefruit and 43 of these interactions are said to result in “serious” side effects.

Included in this troublesome category are certain cholesterol medications, some antibiotics (including erythromycin), some cancer treatments and blood pressure medications. Researchers noted even consuming small amounts of grapefruit along with these medications can have a host of harmful effects that range from respiratory issues to sudden death.

Grapefruit contains a substance called furanocoumarins, that cause the reactions by inhibiting certain enzymes. The resulting reaction can result in the body metabolizing too much of the medication, leading to disastrous results.

The Canadian researchers also noted many doctors are not aware of the  number of medications that pose this hazard when combined with grapefruit.

Besides being extra careful about mixing grapefruit and medicine, another take away here  is for consumers to always discuss potential harmful interactions with their pharmacist and physician.