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The Corn Syrup Diabetes Connection

Controversial high fructose corn syrup; the sugary sweetener often blamed for skyrocketing obesity rates in American adults and kids just got blot on its already tarnished public image. A new study

E-Medicine Not a Cost Cutter

As our nation grapples with the complex and politically-charged debate over health care; more and more experts have suggested the practice of e-medicine –encouraging patients to access their medical

Bulk Up Those Boy Biceps

If you’ve got a teenage boy at home, you may want to encourage him to bulk up his muscles a bit. A recent study out of Sweden makes an intriguing correlation between low muscle density in teenage boys

Airport Smoking Areas: Unhealthy Zones

Ever walk by one of those airport smoking lounges and wrinkle your nose at the stench? Well, unless you are a smoker who wants to light up before take off; you’ve got a good, science-based reason for

Is Obesity Worse Than Smoking?

If you want to keep the doctor away, lose weight. In a provocative study out of Canada, an economics professor has determined that obese people visit doctors most — even more than smokers. “The fact

Family Matters: The Case for Friends

Turns out there’s really something to the expression “friends with benefits.” But the tongue-in-cheek double entendre we’re using here isn’t exactly what British researchers had in mind when they

Material Girls (And Boys) Unhappy

Want to keep your kids from being unhappy and materialistic? Reduce their exposure to advertising.  Researchers out of the Netherlands, who studied the emotional life of a group of 8- to 11-year-old

Older Dads Pass On Genetic Risks

Fathers of a certain age can pass along more than love and wisdom to their offspring: Researchers have concluded that they also run the risk of passing along more genetic mutations, elevating the risk

Vitamin D for Respiratory Infections

OK, here’s yet another reason to consider vitamin D supplements: It seems they can reduce the incidence of acute respiratory infections in children. A study reported in a recent issue of the journal

Dirty Ink

Here’s a new rub on tattoos that may have you rethink the process: A new study has associated contaminated ink with a rash of skin infections in upstate New York. The infections were ultimately traced