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Beth Cooney offers tips to keep you healthy

Say it Isn’t Soy

Although many women consider soy products a natural alternative to estrogen, post-menopausal women who take daily powder supplements don’t get a boost to their overall critical-thinking ability, according to new research. The conclusion comes from the Women’s Isoflavone Soy Health Trial, a study founded by the U.S. National Institutes of Health. Researchers evaluated a large […] [Read More]

Dining on Filth? Geuss Where Lunch is Dirty Business

Eating lunch in the corporate cafeteria? You may want to plop a bottle of hand sanitizer on your tray. Turns out the workplace lunchroom can be as germ-infested as your average public restroom. Grossed out yet? We were when we read the results of a new study conducted by a University of Arizona professor and […] [Read More]

Sugar Subsitute Consumption Skyrocketing. And You Won’t Believe Who is Consuming More of It.

In news that may not be so sweet, researchers recently reported that our appetite for artificial sugar substitutes is getting insatiable. What’s perhaps most disturbing about this news  is that in the last decade the amount of low-calorie sweeteners has doubled amongst children. No specific explanation for the spike in artificial sweetener usage was offered […] [Read More]

‘Excergames’ Are a Workout. Sort of….

For those sedentary sorts who limit their workouts to Wii aerobics or  Xbox soccer matches; herein comes a moderately healthy excuse for their hobbies. Researchers at Michigan State University have concluded the “light to moderate” workouts active gaming provide can be beneficial;  especially when used as part of a structured exercise program (such as at […] [Read More]

Kids Cholesterol Levels Improving: But The Good News May Not Last

After years of headlines and statistics that have made it perfectly clear there’s an obesity crisis facing American children (and grownups) there is finally some good– and surprising– news in this epidemic. The federal Centers for Disease Control are reporting that cholesterol levels have improved in children in recent years. But eight percent of kids […] [Read More]

Weight Loss Success: How to Get it Write

Want the secret to shedding excess pounds? Well, it turns out it’s not really a secret.(And not all that difficult.) Researchers have found three keys to successful weight loss in postmenopausal women  that you’ve probably heard a thousand times already.  Here they are: Keep a journal. Don’t skip meals. And eat or prepare more of […] [Read More]
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Social Drinking: It’s a Real Ice Breaker

Say cheers and clink your glasses to the latest research on our social animal instincts: A little booze makes us legal drinking age grownups friendlier, helps us  bond and and even minimizes our negative emotions. We can almost hear you saying, “I’ll drink to that,”  but in all seriousness a comprehensive University of Pittsburgh study […] [Read More]
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Just Grin and Bear It! Why a Smile Makes You Feel Better.

There really is something to that sage old advice to suck up the tough times and just grin and bear it. It turns out that smiling–even a reluctant, forced smile–can make people feel better about their circumstances. Researchers at the University of Kansas, have been studying how smiles and even the awareness of smiling can […] [Read More]