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Pregnant Pause (At the Fridge)

If you’re worried about tipping the scales during pregnancy, then you may want to heed this sensible advice: A little exercise and some dietary self-restraint can help keep you (and your baby)

Pain: It’s All in Your Head. Really.

It seems that when it comes to pain there really is something to that expression, “It’s all in your head.” Researchers at Northwestern University have discovered that pain –or or at least how someone

Gay or straight: Mom’s tired!

In a study that’s sure to make straight moms (and dads) nod their sleep-deprived heads in empathy; gay parenting couples report that the demands of raising children puts a serious damper on their sex

D is for Dense Bones

The news on the benefits of  Vitamin D, otherwise known as the sunshine drug, just keeps getting better and better. Earlier this month, the National Institute of Health released a comprehensive study

Virtual Facebook Snubs Still Sting

Do you ignore those Facebook friend requests? Well, if you want to avoid hurting someone’s feelings you might want to click confirm. (Providing it’s not someone you really want – or need –to avoid.)

Cut the ‘fat’ talk

Even if you can’t slip on those skinny jeans today (or they’re showing your muffin top), take care not to be too verbally hard on yourself. Researchers at the University of Arizona have found all that

MRI Screening for Dense Breasts?

As we continue to learn more about the implications of dense breast tissue and its association with cancer risks, new research confirms that ultrasounds may be an essential tool for certain groups of

Look away: You’ll hardly feel it!

Needle phobics may want to read this before they look away. Turns out there’s truth to the philosophy that shots don’t hurt as much if you don’t actually see that needle being inserted into your body.

Dental X-Ray Risks Exposed

Here’s yet another reason to floss, brush and keep your smile completely pristine. New research reported in the journal Cancer suggests a troubling link between a common, benign brain tumor and a

Antibiotics for Appendicitis?

For years the gold standard of care for addressing an inflamed appendix was surgery, but British researchers have found that some patients may be able to avoid surgery with an aggressive course of