The Younger You Quit, The Longer You Live

The sooner a female smoker quits the less likely her cigarette habit is to kill her.

A powerful new study out of Europe amounts to yet another compelling call for women to snuff out their cigarette habits as soon as possible. Indeed this long-term study of more than one million European women — which included smokers and former smokers — found that the women who quit smoking before age 30 have comparable longevity to women who never smoked. Meanwhile, women who quit before age 40 also enhanced their longevity, although the rates were not quite as impressive as the earlier quitters.

Keep smoking after age 40 and you stand to shave at least 10 years off your life expectancy. Indeed, researchers found that a whopping two-thirds of deaths of women in their 50s through 70s who smoked could be attributed to their tobacco habits.

The take-away: Quit while you’re ahead!

The study was reported recently in the journal The Lancet.