The Sunny Side of Love

On a clear day the forecast is for love. Or so predicts researchers in France who found flirting with strangers is most effective when the sun is shining.

The researchers, who recently reported their findings in the journal Social Influence, studied the behaviors of young 20-somethings on the streets one of the world’s most romantic countries.

Researchers affiliated with the University of South Brittany dispatched a handsome 25-year-old to flirt with young women and recorded their responses based on the weather. Overall, women were more responsive to the man’s flirtations and approaches when the skies were sunny. They were less responsive on cloudy, but equally temperate days.

While the researchers noted in a press release their findings don’t necessarily establish a direct correlation between romance and the weather, they do suggest there is something to be said about finding love in the right conditions. Other research, they noted, has shown a correlation between smells, colors and even certain music making people more likely to flirt and even exchange phone numbers.

The findings were reported recently in the journal Social Influence.