Packing the Pounds on Fido

Just like too many treats can wreck havoc on the bodies of their owners, pets can be overindulged when they eat too many calorie-laden snacks as well.

And new research suggests that a certain subset of meaty pet treats may not only contribute to dog obesity, but also expose domestic animals and their owners to dangerous bacteria.

These popular dog treats, known as “the bully” or “pizzle sticks,” were identified was worrisome because they contain as many as 88 calories per stick, according to a study published recently researchers at the Cummings School of Veterinary Medicine at Tufts University and the University of Guelph.

That’s a whooping nine percent of the daily calorie requirement for a 50 pound dog.

Meanwhile, the treats, some of which are made of bull penis, contained shocking amounts of bacterial contaminants that are known to be harmful to humans.

Interestingly, researchers also found that many veterinarians and dog owners were not even aware these treats contained animal byproducts.

The take away: Beware of the dog treats and avoid them if you are sick, elderly, young or vulnerable to infection in any way and practice excellent hand washing after feeding them to your pet.