Cut the Fat

Back in the ‘90s the vogue diet-of-the-moment involved zealously counting fat grams to stay slim. The craze resulted in a plethora of low-fat and fat free foods we now see on supermarket shelves. Eventually, though, dieters were drawn to new crazes; cutting carbohydrates and binging on lean protein. Fat became less of a dirty diet word.

Now, researchers in Britain have taken a second look at cutting dietary fat and concluded, once again, it’s a relatively simple way to lose weight, cut cholesterol and improve a person’s overall health profile. Indeed, when researchers looked at a large sampling of men, women and children who were asked to cut back on their fat intake (but not otherwise diet or restrict calories) the group lost weight, lowered the BMI (or body mass index) and also slightly reduced waist circumference. The researchers, who reported their findings recently in the journal BMJ, suggest that consuming low-fat dairy products, trimming fat from meat and avoiding processed, junky baked goods could all play a role in helping maintain a healthy weight.

And consider how beneficial these cut-the-fat changes might be if you just have a few stubborn pounds to lose.