Red Wine Compound Not So Sweet

Despite all that buzz that red wine is supposed to be good for you, yet another study questions the notion that a glass or two vino does the body good.

Actually. The latest news is more of a buzz kill: A study based in Denmark and reported in a recent issue of Diabetes, says the compound resveratrol—long believed to be the potent micronutrient that gave wine its healthy kick—did nothing to improve the health profiles of obese men.

While previous studies in lab animals and conducted in vitro have suggested resveratrol protects against morbidity and mortality, the research in Denmark concluded taken as a supplement resveratrol had virtually no impact on the health profiles of them men in the research study. For example, their cholesterol levels did not improve.

“It seriously calls into question whether there is any benefit taking supplements made from this compound,” researcher   Dr. Morten Moller Poulsen said in a press release.