Mom CEO’s Pay the Price at Work

Moms who bear the burden of all the heavy lifting at home (think cooking, cleaning and carpools) may sacrifice when it comes to workplace career advancement.

A new study out of the University of California finds that all things being equal, female professionals are less likely to pursue promotions and other job advances when they are also chief executives at home.

“It appears that being in charge of household decisions may bring a semblance of power to  women’s traditional role, to the point where women may have less desire to push against the obstacles to achieving additional power outside the home,” says UC Berkeley psychologist Serena Chen, a co-author of the study.

While household decision-making power was highly valued by both men and women who participated in the study, women reported that high-level domestic duties made them less likely to pursue promotions and other career advancement steps at the office. This was not the case with men, whose professional goals were not impacted by their domestic roles, according to the researchers.