Berry Good for Your Heart

Once again, science is giving us a reason to nosh on blueberries and strawberries. This time nature’s sweet treats, which have been linked to everything from the prevention of cancer to the onset of dementia, are now being praised for their ability to prevent heart attacks.

That’s berry good news for women, who can still claim heart disease as their number one health risk.

A new study, recently reported in the journal Circulation, gleaned its data through the famed Nurses’ Health Study; which has examined the health of a large group of young and middle-age women spanning an 18-year period. In this study, women’s diets were analyzed and correlated to the number of reported heart attacks. The data found that women who ate the most blueberries and strawberries were 32 percent less likely to have heart attacks than their peers. This number remained high even when the berry eaters were compared to women who otherwise ate copious amounts of fruits and vegetables.

Researchers believe the results may be attributable to high levels of compounds in berries that can potentially clear arteries of plaque buildup that can cause heart attacks.

Considering that berries are a delicious low-calorie snack, what better way to eat to your health.