A Sip of Stroke Prevention

Your daily cup of java or your morning green tea may be helping you keep your risk of stroke a sip or two away.

Japanese researchers have concluded the simple act of having daily cup of antioxidant-rich green tea or a cup of caffeine-rich coffee can be correlated with a diminished risk of stroke in that nation’s populace.

Indeed researchers, who studied a group of some 83,000 Japanese men and women and looked at data over a 13 year period found that having a cup of coffee or green tea daily could reduce stroke risk by as much as 20 percent. The researchers, who reported their findings recently in the journal Stroke, did not establish a specific cause and effect relationship or explain exactly why these beverages may reduce stroke risk.

While it’s unproven yet, they suspect that some known anti-inflammatory properties in caffeine and healthful micronutrients known as catchecins in green tea, may be beneficial.