Healthy Marriages

For years now the research buzz has suggested a strong correlation between the benefits of marriage and longevity. The thinking disseminated by scores of studies was that it takes two to live long and emotionally prosper. Now, however, a new study out of Ohio State University (done in collaboration with researchers at the University of Texas at Austin) suggests that marriage is the most beneficial when the couples’ involved are healthy. In other words, healthy divorced, single and separated folks don’t need to rush to the altar to obtain the RX benefits of matrimony.

“We believe marriage is still good for the health of some people, but it is not equally protective for everyone,” said Hui Zheng, lead author of the study and an assistant professor of sociology at The Ohio State University. “For those who are already in poor health, marriage doesn’t seem to provide any extra benefits.”

In another interesting finding they may elude to how people perceive the benefits of partnership, the researchers found married people tend to overestimate how healthy they are!