Big Losers Eat Big Breakfasts

One way to shed some pounds without drastically depriving the body of calories, may be to make your biggest meal your first, according to an interesting new study out of Israel.

In a study reported recently in the journal Obesity, researchers set out to answer the question if the time of day a person consumed the bulk of their calories really mattered; particularly in a population struggling with chronic obesity.

Researchers at Tel Aviv University decided to see if study participants who ate large portions at breakfast and reduced portions at dinner fared better in their quest to lose weight than counterparts who ate a generous evening meal and smaller portions earlier in the day.

The researchers found that not only did their big breakfast eaters lose more weight and inches than their big dinner counterparts; their overall health profiles (including cholesterol and insulin levels) improved.

The researchers concluded that this approach to eating might be one strategy for the morbidly obese and practitioners coaching them in their efforts to lose weight.