Social Formula

New mothers who are shy, introverted and have social anxiety tend to struggle more with breastfeeding than their outgoing, gregarious, more socially confident peers, according to a new study reported recently in the Journal of Advanced Nursing.

The study, which looked at mothers with infants’ ages six to 12 months, found women who were introverted were more likely to give in to pressure to formula feed and less likely to want to nurse their infants in public places.

The new study doesn’t suggest that women who are shy or anxious should give up on the notion of breastfeeding; but does suggest that moms who fall into this personality profile may need extra support from health caregivers and family in order to develop the confidence and self-assurance that breastfeeding can sometimes require; particularly when it comes to nursing infants in public places.

Researchers also pointed out the benefits of breast feeding; which range from less obesity in children to reduced rates of allergy to higher IQs and lower cancer rates for nursing mothers