Wrinkles, Bone Density and Menopause

As if wrinkles alone weren’t bad enough — they may be an indicator of more than just aging skin. According to a recent study, the worse a woman’s skin wrinkles are during the first few years of

Fruit Juice and Your Health

Juice lovers rejoice — your favorite drink could provide as big a boost to your health as biting into a piece of fruit. According to a report out of the University of California – Davis, drinking 100

Alcohol and Cancer

Here’s another reason to skip that second drink. A recent study suggests that drinking alcohol, especially above the recommended upper limits, boost the risk of several cancers. European researchers

Body Image and Your Life

How much would you give up to get the body of your dreams? According to a recent study, 30% of women would trade at least one year of their life to achieve their ideal body weight and shape.

Childhood Obesity, Posture and Back Pain

If your child survives on donuts and twinkies, her back may pay the price. According to recent research, being overweight as a child and teenager can lead to poor postures linked to back pain.

Cell Phones and Male Fertility

If you want to have children, you might want to consider asking your husband to limit the amount of time he spends on his cell phone. According to new research, cell phone use appears to increase the

Your Co-workers and Your Life

Look around your office and say thanks to your supportive co-workers — because of them, you just might live longer. According to a recent study, having supportive co-workers may help you live longer

Marital Problems and Your Child’s Sleep

Everyone knows marital problems can have a negative effect on families, children in particular. According to new research, marital instability when children are 9 months old may also affect youngters’