Healthier Snack Ideas for Back To School

It’s back to school time!  Grabbing the 100 calorie snack packs is an easy trap to fall into.  These often offer very little nutrition and will not optimally fuel you or your kids.

Here are three simple ideas to get the school year off to a healthful start:

1) Trail Mix – refrain from the packaged trail mixes which contain excess sugar and unhealthy vegetable oils.  Instead, purchase several different kinds of raw nuts and seeds and dump equal amounts into a large zip lock baggie.  Add your favorite healthy flavorings such as coconut flakes, raisins, cranberries and dark chocolate nibs.  Go easy on these extras and be confident knowing THIS is far healthier than a prepackaged variety.


2) Mock Nutella – It sure tastes good but regular Nutella is loaded with sugar and low in protein.  Due to this skewed nutritional content, blood sugar issues will ensue.  Purchase some chocolate whey protein and mix this with water and almond butter until a desired consistency and taste are achieved.  Pair this delicious treat with organic strawberries, bananas or any other fruit of your choosing.  This high protein treat will keep your kids well-nourished and asking for more.


3) Cucumbers for dipping – Skip the crackers and go for the veggies.  Immediately upon arriving home from the store, cut up your veggies for an easy and healthful option.  Cucumbers are an excellent grab-and-go as you can dip or spread most anything for a yummy treat.  Some ideas are: hummus, avocado/guacamole spread, a thin slice of turkey or chicken, or some grass-fed cheese.


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