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National Burger Month – Celebrate with us!

May is National Burger Month, that means 31-days of celebrating the burger!  Which as far as i’m concerned is the equivalent of celebrating Christmas everyday.

Now, it’s a pretty well known fact that the State of Connecticut has a strong affinity to the burger.  You see, not to far from here, in New Haven, the restaurant Louis’ Lunch was the first to serve hamburgers (it is also the oldest hamburger restaurant still operating in the U.S. and was also one of the first places in the U.S. to serve steak sandwiches).  Granted, that is 30-minutes away from here, but as a proud Connecticuters, National Burger Month MUST be taken very seriously!


All month long Hey Stamford will be profiling some of our favorite burgers in Stamford.  Some you may be aware of and some may catch you by surprise. Want to see our favorites?  Follow-us on Instagram at @HeyStamford and check back to this post often as we’ll be sharing our favorites all month long!

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