Tis the season to shop local

So as everyone makes that mad dash – starting today – to get the perfect gifts for friends and family for the holidays, let’s remember to shop local.
Our small businesses need you.
There was a time when the Fairfield shopping experience left something to be desired. Not now. Fairfield Center and the Black Rock Turnpike commerce areas are full of interesting boutiques and shops that are sure to please even the most difficult gift recipient or discerning customer. And keep in mind some of the other business areas in town, like the Grasmere section, Greenfield Hill and Southport. You never know what you will find.
And when you shop local, you help the Fairfield economy stay vibrant and keep our small business owners in operation for years to come.
If you need help deciding which stores carry which items you are looking for, or maybe you just want to browse to see if something strikes you, consult the Fairfield Chamber of Commerce’s website. On it, you can search the chamber’s directory of businesses. Or, better yet, click on the tap “Shop Fairfield,” where you will find interesting features, like Chamber Bucks, which help local businesses and provide an easy way to please a gift recipient.
Happy Shopping.

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