A tree glows on the Merritt

When the two reporters I work with at the Darien News and New Canaan News told me there was an illuminated Christmas tree in the middle of the Merritt Parkway, I thought they were telling me a tale.
They said the tree is small, sits in the middle of the parkway but surrounded on two sides by the barriers and is aglow in lights. And situated just before Exit 44 northbound.
Yeah, right.
But yesterday on my way home from New Canaan, I was determined to see this tree – which is not an easy task if you’ve ever driven the parkway at rush hour. On the northbound side, we sit in traffic for miles, inching along at 5, 10 or 20 mph, while the cars on the southbound side speed by. Despite the slow going, one still must be attentive to the stop-and-go on the road at that hour.
As I approached Exit 44 in Fairfield, I saw out of the corner of my left eye THE TREE. Yep, it really exists.
But the questions are, how and why? After all, it’s in the middle of the divider and is draped in multi-colored lights. Who put it there? How does it get illuminated?
It may be a bit of a mystery, but it’s also kind of magical.

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  1. Patti Woods says:

    I saw it last week and it made me smile! Kudos to whoever it was that did that.