A chance to get involved

The town administration is looking for interested residents to fill vacancies on several committees, boards and comissions.
Due to political party balance requirements as specified in the Town Charter, some positions have party restrictions.
While these groups may not appear to be the most exciting ones, they still serve a valuable purpose in our local government. And it would give you an chance to get your foot in the door of being a part of the decision making.
All of the appointments need Board of Selectmen approval and one (Historic District Commission) also needs the approval of the Representative Town Meeting.
Here’s the list.
Affordable Housing Committee
Three vacancies, any registered voter except Democrat, four-year terms
The committee is responsible for studying the need for affordable housing in Fairfield; making an inventory of sites within the town that may be suitable for affordable housing and tracking the availability of those sites; and studying sources of funds for affordable housing.
Board of Assessment Appeals
Two vacancies, both must be filled by Democrats, to complete elected term ending in November.
The board is an elected body consisting of up to five volunteer residents authorized under Connecticut law to revise individual property assessments. Residents who disagree with their real estate, motor vehicle, or business personal property
assessments can petition the Board of Assessment Appeals to revise their assessments.
Historic District Commission
Two alternate vacancies, any registered voter, five-year term
The commission is an appointed board of seven volunteer residents who vote on alterations to properties that are within the town’s three historic districts in Greenfield Hill, Southport and the Old Post Road by downtown Fairfield. The commission must approve nearly any change to a property that is within a historic district if that change is visible from a public street, assuming natural barriers, such as shrubs and trees, are not in place, since they can be removed.
Housing Authority
One vacancy, any registered voter except Democrat, five-year term
The authority is responsible for providing decent, safe and sanitary housing for seniors, disabled or low-income Fairfield residents. The authority works in accordance with Housing and Urban Development, which works to provide better living standards for those who might not be able to secure them on their own.
Land Acquisition Commission
Two alternate vacancies, any registered voter, four-year term
The commission, established by a town ordinance in 1997, is charged with investigating land that could be purchased by the town for active and passive recreation use.
Shellfish Commission
One vacancy, any registered voter, four-year term
The commission has jurisdiction over about 1,000 acres of sea beds in Fairfield and works with the town’s Conservation Department.
Water Pollution Control Authority
Two vacancies, any registered voter, four-year term
The authority is responsible for the operation and maintenance of the town’s wastewater treatment plant, compost facility, eight pump stations and more than 205 miles of sewer lines. The wastewater treatment plant discharges 10 million gallons of treated effluent per day to Long Island Sound. More than 95 percent of pollutants are removed and 5,000 tons of sludge are generated per year, which is mixed with discarded leaves and brush and composted into an organic soil amendment
To be considered, contact Kathleen Griffin in the first selectman’s office at kgriffin@town.fairfield.ct.us or 203-256-3030.
For more information, visit www.fairfieldct.org.

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