It could have been worse

Some people have been complaining that Fairfield has done a lousy job clearing the roads after the weekend’s blizzard. Where have they been? Can’t they see the magnitude of what we just experienced with nearly 3 feet of snow?
Maybe those people who are disappointed in Fairfield Department of Public Works crews should take a ride over to Bridgeport, where many roads are still impassable. On the city’s website, the list of cleared roads has certainly grown in the past few days, but there are plenty more streets that still haven’t seen a plow, or did only on Tuesday, Feb. 12 (four days after the storm).
I know. I saw it firsthand. I live on the Fairfield-Bridgeport border. The Bridgeport street right across from my driveway did see a plow until Tuesday night about 11 p.m. Up until then, the residents on that city street were stuck. (Except for the clever neighbor who lives on the corner opposite my house. With a snow blower, he cleared his driveway and then a portion of the street in front of his house – enough to park another car and to have an entrance into the outside world.)
I should mention that both Fairfield and Bridgeport share maintenance on my street. So on Saturday after the worst of the storm was over, the Fairfield side of my street already had been cleared. The Bridgeport side? Barely. And I suspect the little bit that was done on that side might have been handled by Fairfield trucks as they passed through.
This week’s Bridgeport late-night snow mover cleared the rest of the street and tidied up the corners so there is more room. Only thing, though, the operator decided to push some of that snow into piles on my yard. While it makes visibility difficult from my driveway and that of a few neighbors , I suppose he couldn’t do anything else with the mounds of snow. Let’s hope it starts melting soon.
So instead of denigrating the crews (who have worked long, hard hours), let’s thank them for the fine job they have done.

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