Seven Superfoods for Super Health

We all want to be healthier; to eat better and feel better.  I think everyone knows the importance of stepping up the number of fresh fruits and veggies in our diets, but some of these ‘superfoods’ may surprise you!  They are all readily available and require no specialty-store side trips.  A recent segment on the Today show talked about each, but I’ve summarized it for you here.
Apple Tree
Apples—a great, portable and healthy snack, loaded with flavanoids which in addition to being anti-inflammatory, can help regulate blood sugar.  My kids eat a TON of apples, so I’m sure to always buy organic apples and have lots on hand.

Coffee—yes, 1-2 cups per day can actually be GOOD for you!  Coffee, in moderation, kick starts your metabolism and according to the expert on the Today show, coffee drinkers are less likely to develop Type 2 diabetes later in life.  Just make sure you’re not loading it up with too much cream and sugar, making it a high calorie dessert rather than a good morning beverage!

Yogurt—yogurts that contain probiotics are best.  Probiotics are healthy bacteria which are good for your digestive system.  Greek yogurts are thicker and tangier, but many on the market are also higher in protein than regular yogurt.  Look for low-fat and/or low sugar varieties.   Mix in berries, honey, or even ground coffee beans for a little extra kick.

Eggs—one of my favorite foods, eggs are a complete protein and best of all, inexpensive and easy to prepare.  Poach eggs in water if you don’t want any added fat.  And keep in mind that the yolk is healthy too—just be sure to eat them in moderation as they are higher in cholesterol than the whites alone.
Avocados–delicious and creamy, avocados are loaded with healthy fats necessary for good body function.  Add them sliced to a sandwich, or pureed with greek yogurt for a yummy and health-packed dip.  (Try my recipe for Greek Guac).

Chocolate—like coffee, this may be another surprising superfood, but one that I’m very happy is on this list!  Dark chocolate contains antioxidants and a little square at the end of a meal is a great way to get your sweet on without overindulging in calories.

So enjoy your food AND get super healthy!

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