“Foodies” at the Westport Arts Center

Now through November 14th The Westport Arts Center is exhibiting a juried show entitled “Foodies”.  Over 150 submissions were received in a wide variety of media.  Seventy two works were selected for the show, which is displayed in the beautiful waterfront gallery of the center.  Food-themed paintings, sculpture, and even video art comprise the show.  If you are in downtown Westport, take a walk or short drive over the bridge and check it out (51 Riverside Avenue).  Parking is on the street or behind the building.  It’s worth a visit!  (Free to the public.)

In addition, throughout the month of October, the center will be hosting a weekly “Lunch Cafe” with speakers on topics from food policy to food production.  The talks are free, but a great lunch is available for purchase to eat while you listen (around $10).  This week I heard local rockstar chefs Michel Nischan (The Dressing Room/Wholesome Wave) and Bill Taibe (Le Farm/The Whelk) discuss food policy, sustainability, eating for good health, and how to eat locally while thinking globally.   The setting is super casual—- the speakers sat on a couch across from us and you almost felt like you could have been in your living room (that is if your living room happens to have a fabulous water view).  Upcoming talks are as follows:

October 10:  Climate (with Watts Wacker)

October 24: Nutrition (with Jennifer Boyd and Claire Wilson)

October 31:  Local Food Production (with Dina Brewster and Massimo Tullio)

All talks run from approximately 12:30-1:30/2.

There are lots of other food-related events as well—-check out the website for the full listing!

Remember, food isn’t just for eating!  :)

The Westport Arts Center

51 Riverside Avenue, Westport



Above image from The Westport Arts Center.

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