Homemade Crockpot Applesauce

If your kids are anything like mine, any piece of fruit with a bruise, discoloration, or imperfection gets pushed to the back of the crisper drawer in our fridge.  The longer they stay in there, the more bruised they become.  So what does one do with a drawer full of less than perfect pommes?  Make applesauce!

It absolutely could not be any easier.  There are two methods, depending on whether or not you own a food mill.  If you don’t know what a food mill is, then you probably don’t have one!  If you HAVE a food mill, simply quarter the apples and throw them into your crockpot with a small amount of water (less than half of a cup), set on high.  After a few hours the apples will be very mushy.  Pass them through the food mill to separate the pulp from the skins/seeds/cores and you have delicious applesauce. Refrigerate for about 3-4 days.

If you do NOT have a food mill, you’ll need to peel and core your apples before adding them to your crockpot.  This is more time consuming on the front end, but then after they are cooked, you need only to use a potato masher to make your sauce (or you could put them into the food processor).

I do not add any sugar to my applesauce and no one misses it.  It is sweet enough on its own.  However, if you want to add a little ground cinnamon or maybe even a piece of peeled fresh ginger to the crockpot during cooking, you can add wonderful flavor to your applesauce.

When life gives you bruised apples, make applesauce!

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