Ice Cream Sandwich Bites

Sometimes the simplest desserts are what we crave most.

Think s’mores, hot fudge sundaes, strawberries with whipped cream, and ice cream sandwiches.  I love making my own ice cream sandwiches using homemade cookies and my favorite ice cream–a simple but delicious dessert.

This dessert became even easier when I discovered the most deliciously crisp, homemade tasting chocolate chip cookies at Trader Joe’s.  Their “Highbrow Chocolate Chip Cookies” are thin and just the right size to make an ice cream sandwich.  Just one small scoop of your favorite ice cream or fro-yo is plenty to fill the cookie sandwich (you can’t go wrong with Haagan Dazs vanilla, but coffee, mint chip, or chocolate are also delicious pairings).  I also love the homemade cookies at Billy’s Bakery and The Pantry (both in Fairfield).  It’s a dessert that’s slightly indulgent, but not so gigantic that you feel guilty afterwards.  Make them ahead and store in an airtight container in the freezer, or eat ’em as you make ’em!  Yum!

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