Hard-Boiled Egg Round Up

Easter eggs

Easter is over, but there are still lots of colorful eggs in your fridge…what’s a bunny to do?  Here are some ideas for those leftovers….

Egg Salad Sandwiches— to me, this is the best use of leftover hard boiled eggs.  Add some chopped scallions like I did here and you’re in serious business.
Spinach Salad
Add to a salad—a great way to add some protein to a salad.  I like to quarter eggs lengthwise for a very pretty presentation.  Cobb Salad, Spinach Salad, Nicoise Salad—all classics using hard-boiled eggs.

Breakfast on the go—doesn’t get any simpler.  Starting out the day with protein keeps you going all morning long.

deviled eggs...with crumbled bacon

Deviled Eggs—go retro with Deviled Eggs.  Sometimes people don’t like to admit how much they like these, but they are yummy. Here’s a simple, basic recipe.

My grandmother used to put a whole, hard-boiled eggs inside her braciole. They were delicious.  I’ve never attempted it myself, but this may be the year I do!  Stay tuned…

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