Real Grown-ups Eat Quiche

IMG_4075I had a couple of girlfriends over for lunch the other day and decided to pick up a quiche for a nice light entree.  I’ve been getting quiches at Billy’s Bakery in Fairfield for years, but that day they really outdid themselves.  I even called to tell them whomever made my quiche should be told it was the BEST quiche I’ve ever eaten (we tend to make calls only to complain, but I have resolved to call when things are great too!).  Billy’s quiches are always good, but this particular one was outstanding (and, as my husband well knows, this is a word I reserve for very, VERY few things).  Flaky homemade crust, creamy yet fluffy filling, layer of cheddar between the crust and egg/broccoli filling…delicious.

There are otherwise very good bakeries in the area that do not make homemade crusts, but rather use store-bought ones.  Despite Billy’s being on the other side of town for me, it’s worth the extra few minutes to get there.  All quiches are $12 each and are available daily.  Call ahead to reserve one to be sure they aren’t sold out when you go (it’s happened to me before!).

I defy you not to love this quiche.  I’m also a giant fan of their bacon quiche.  And the three cheese. And the spinach-feta.  But that broccoli cheddar?  Divine…and I’m not sure I’ve ever uttered that word!

Billy’s Bakery

1885 Black Rock Turnpike, Fairfield


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