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Shrimp Fried Rice at Home


IMG_3988I read a lot of cooking magazines.  I try a lot of recipes I find in them.  Many of them are very good, but only occasionally do I find one that makes it into my regular rotation.  I recently hit the lotto with this very simple recipe for Shrimp Fried Rice from Bon Appetit.  My kids both love shrimp, and love Asian flavors.  I have one child who loves rice, and another who is not so crazy about it.  I decided to give this a shot anyway because it sounded yummy.  Well, after trying it, the exact words from Miss Not-So-Crazy-About-Rice were “now THIS rice dish I want you to make again!”  Score.

Everything cooks in one pot!

Everything cooks in one pot!

It’s really very simple and doesn’t have a lot of ingredients.  What I love about it is that other than the scallions, everything else in the recipe are either staples you already have in your kitchen (rice, eggs, garlic, soy sauce), or things you can keep in your freezer (peas, shelled edamame, shrimp).  Even the ginger can be kept frozen (buy fresh, freeze–and then just grate frozen into the dish), or you can even buy pre-minced frozen ginger which comes in tiny ice cube trays (available at Stew Leonard’s and some Trader Joe’s locations).  You can read my post about this on my old blog, Season to Taste.

What’s also great is that it is even better when made with cold rice, so you can use leftover rice, or make the rice earlier in the day, saving you even more time on evening preparations.

Who said you have to go out for Chinese?

Click here for Bon Appetit’s fantastic recipe!

IMPORTANT NOTE ABOUT RICE!!!  Please read this Time Magazine. article about imported rice containing high levels of lead.  Please check your labels and make sure you use domestic rice!!  The frozen Organic Brown Rice at Trader Joe’s is made in the USA and one of my favorite convenience items.


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