The Local Meatball


First the crepe truck on the Post Road in Fairfield, now a mobile meatball man?  Look how hip we are with our food trucks!

The newest addition to the downtown scene is The Local Meatball!  You’ll see Fairfielder Michael DiStassio  selling homemade meatball grinders from a cart pulled by his souped up Smartcar, which is parked on Unquowa Road a few times per week.


The day I stopped by at lunchtime, business was brisk.  He has had days where he sells out of his meatballs, so go early if you are really having a craving for them!  Using his grandmother’s recipe, he started with the classic, then added a few varieties to the mix.  That particular day, there were two varieties on the menu—“Classic” made from ground beef, and “Spicy Pork”, which get their kick from cherry peppers.  I tried both, and they were both really flavorful.  The pork balls were  just the right amount of spicy—definitely not too hot, but had a lot of flavor.  Plus they were very tender and juicy.   He’s currently getting ready to roll out a honey bbq meatball and a Buffalo chicken meatball.  All the grinders are served on nice fluffy white sub rolls from Fairfield’s own Billy’s Bakery.  Even the organic meat he uses is locally sourced from Craft Butchery.  The Local Meatball is true to its name!


In addition to parking his cart on Unquowa Road (check website for schedule and times), he is also available for private parties and events.

Get some balls and check out The Local Meatball!

Prices range from $3 for a child-sized sandwich up to $7.50 for a three-meatball grinder.


Unquowa Road, Fairfield  and other locations

Photos courtesy of The Local Meatball.

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