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Gimme a Gimlet

The first time I ever had a gimlet I was in a piano bar in Philadelphia, probably in 1997.  My husband and I strolled in for a drink and started chatting with another young couple at the bar, who were

Bottlerocket is Fit for Foodies (or anyone who eats)

Awhile back I’d posted a press release that had been sent to me from Bottlerocket, a new wine store focused on food pairings that was opening in the Westport Stop and Shop plaza.  Well, it’s now open

Hot Ingredient: St-Germain Elderflower Liqueur

The first time I encountered elderflower liqueur was at my favorite Fairfield bistro, Cafe Lola.  Their Madame Pigalle cocktail, a combination of  St-Germain, champagne, and Absolut Pear is a

Favorite Restaurant Cocktails

One of my favorite things about eating out is perusing the cocktail menu.  When at a new eatery, the offerings from the bar are my first glimpse at what I can expect from the kitchen.  If they have a

Rosemary Infused Cocktails

I’m a giant fan of simple syrup, which is exactly what it sounds like:  a simple combination of sugar and water combined over heat until it forms a syrup.  This concoction is a bar’s secret

Ring in the New Year, Deliciously!

Whether you’re entertaining at home or going to out with friends this evening, celebrate with good food and drink! These are two of my favorite recipes which I contributed to one of my go-to websites

Pimm’s Cup is #1

On a recent girls’ get-away to New Orleans, my friends and I took a “Cocktail Tour” in the historic French Quarter.  We walked around the city with our enthusiastic and knowledgeable guide, Joe

Blueberry-Banana Breakfast Smoothies

One positive thing about losing power for a few days was that I was forced to do a freezer-inventory. There were quite a few things past their prime which were relegated to the trash. I also made a

Blood Orange Margaritas

After the recent storm, we had been two days without power and a friend and I decided to escape to the movies (where they luckily did have power!). Afterward we went to the Old Post Tavern for a

Summer Sangria

I have vivid memories of sitting at my grandparent’s dining room table, watching my grandfather slice a peach directly into his glass of red wine. It was his one indulgence. Just one glass a night,