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What’s for Dinner?

I think people assume because I teach and write about cooking, that I’m making some fabulously fancy meal every night of the week.  I’m sorry to report that’s not really the case.  Yes, I do cook. 

Shrimp Fried Rice at Home

I read a lot of cooking magazines.  I try a lot of recipes I find in them.  Many of them are very good, but only occasionally do I find one that makes it into my regular rotation.  I recently hit the

Carrot Risotto

Hooray for springtime!  With spring and the Easter Bunny on my mind, I thought I’d share a recipe for new dish featuring carrots!  I heard about a similar dish during an interview of the chef at Dirty

One Last Stew…

The only two things I will miss about wintertime are skiing and stew.  As we all start to lighten up for spring, the crock pots get put away for the season along with the heavy ingredients.  I

No-Flip Vegetable Frittata

A frittata is an Italian-style omelet that is typically flipped, not folded like its American and French counterparts. However, the flipping is usually a disaster, unless the frittata is very small,

Homemade Crockpot Applesauce

If your kids are anything like mine, any piece of fruit with a bruise, discoloration, or imperfection gets pushed to the back of the crisper drawer in our fridge.  The longer they stay in there, the

Chicken and Stars Soup

My grandmother made the very best chicken soup — ever. She actually called it “Chicken and Stars Soup” because she opted for the little star (“stelline”) pasta instead of the more traditional

Crock Pot Beef Stroganoff

After posting to Facebook the link to a blog I wrote in early 2011, I’ve had a few requests for it to be re-posted on this blog.  As the weather starts to chill, I love pulling out my crock pot, and I

Fall Bounty Veggies

One of my very favorite restaurants on earth is in my small upstate New York hometown of Oneonta.  The Autumn Cafe was started by one of my father’s students at the local college and has been going

Panini Night!

School’s back in session, sports seasons have begun, and relaxing summer dinners are a memory.  For that night when you just don’t feel like cooking and you’re sick of take-out, make it a panini